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To compete effectively, companies today must build and maintain full-featured Web sites that showcase their offerings clearly and creatively. Yet the high up-front design fees, as well as the ongoing costs and complexities of managing a dynamic Web site through third-party design firms, have turned this business necessity into a business nightmare for many organizations.

To eliminate the challenges of Web site design and maintenance, SharePoint360 LLC, a San Diego-based SharePoint hosting and consulting firm and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, launched SharePoint360 Web. This cost-effective service provides businesses across the globe with a simple, non-technical method for transforming the way public-facing Web sites are created and managed.

SharePoint360 Web is a unique hosted solution utilizing the SharePoint Web-based collaboration and document management platform. As the fastest growing product in Microsoft’s history, SharePoint literally changes the way business is done. Now, SharePoint360 LLC is taking advantage of its highly specialized SharePoint expertise to allow organizations to produce and maintain their own Web sites in a matter of hours, with built-in Web 2.0 features such as blogs, calendars, alerts, RSS feeds, wikis and search capabilities. Best of all, any existing staff member can utilize the service, without the need for a webmaster, an FTP site, Web design software or even entry-level programming skills.

“The old model of having an outside design firm controlling your site and your ongoing updates is antiquated, inefficient and can be very frustrating and costly,” said Paul West, one of the principals for SharePoint360 LLC. “With SharePoint360 Web, we demystify the design and maintenance process so that the customer is in complete command of one of the most important aspects of their business – their Web site.”

The SharePoint360 Web approach is already paying off for, a new social networking community to serve as a resource for millions of high school graduates, college students and their families. had elaborate Web site requirements that challenged the capabilities of most Web design and development software, including the ability to customize profiles for individual campuses nationwide, while allowing users across all campuses to exchange information, collaborate on projects online and download resources.

“We tried working with a design firm that used its own Web building software, but we were unhappy with the level of flexibility available to us,” said Anthony Rodriguez, president of “After some research, we came across SharePoint360 Web, and it allowed us to quickly and effectively jumpstart our site development. Now we not only have a Web site that is exactly how we envisioned it, but we can also do much more on our own than we ever thought possible.”

Use of the service begins with selection of a domain. Customers can then choose to produce a Web site that is as basic or as sophisticated as they want. Although a standard template can be used at the onset for instant deployment, businesses can customize their sites to suit specific requirements, whether that means embedding Google Analytics, creating image libraries or adding Flash animation or collaboration capabilities. Companies can explore even more creative options by using SharePoint Designer, Microsoft’s latest Web design software.

After a customer’s initial Web site is up and running, non-technical users can continue to manage the system, performing ongoing updates in seconds. Designated administrators simply sign in and post documents in real time. In addition, new pages can be created and added in minutes, and images can be uploaded quickly using an intuitive SharePoint360 Photo Webpart.

“SharePoint360 Web is a great entry point into SharePoint,” said Cliff Smeed, co-founder/principal for SharePoint360 LLC. “Its user friendly interface and customizable features simply trump the traditional, static Web site model. Plus, once you have been exposed to the Internet version of SharePoint, you begin to appreciate all the benefits the product offers for internal purposes as well. Creating intranet and extranet portals can be done with the same level of ease, but with significantly more horsepower, allowing employees, partners, and customers to contribute and have a much richer collaborative experience.”

Now available, SharePoint360 Web packages range from basic to custom-designed sites that allow customers to manage and maintain content. Visit for a full menu of cost-effective Web site packages.